Efficiently and effectively managing 6000 transactions a day for the Western Australia Department of Health

With approximately 650 staff, Health Corporate Network (HCN) processes up to 6,000 transactions daily for the Western Australian (WA) Department of Health.

HCN identified that to efficiently and effectively manage all transactions they would need to change existing business processes, introduce the concept of automated workflows and transform existing information management practices for the organisation.

HCN is the WA Department of Health's corporate shared service centre that provides services to all employees working for WA Health. HCN consists of four main service areas: supply, finance, human resources (payroll and employment services) and reporting and business systems.

HCN implemented an Objective Electronic Documents and Records Management System (EDRMS) to facilitate an efficient and user-friendly paperless office for all staff and uses Objective Workflow to automate and support HCN's business processes.

Our staff are able to create, organise and share documents within a single repository.

Bill Bleakley

General Manager, Health Corporate Network