Strategic knowledge management for effective operations; in head office, and at power stations

Operating in one of the most demanding industries, where access to accurate, timely and secure information is critical to their performance, Delta Electricity recognised the need to improve information management practices. Delta took the opportunity to overhaul legacy information systems, to ensure all corporate information including electrical, plant and engineering drawings would be managed in a single information repository.

Delta Electricity is a leading generator of electricity, producing 12% of New South Wales electricity from coal, water and biomass. Delta also manages Australia's largest baseload renewable energy project.

Using Objective ECM, including Drawings Management, Delta now has a collaborative working environment, where staff at head office and those working remotely at the power station can work together on projects and have immediate access to the same information.

Objective’s flexibility, coupled with our long-term engagement has ensured that the solution continues to meet Delta’s business needs now and in the future.

Joseph Lopez

Knowledge Manager, Delta Electricity