Delivering tangible business benefits – why UX is more than fonts and colours

Designed to improve governance, enrich information and simplify processes, Objective IQ is an outstanding way to experience Objective ECM

If your team is not taking advantage of the latest and greatest features in a software solution, it means that your organisation is missing out on tangible business benefits. It is essential that you bring your users along on the journey as the capability of the software they use increases.

The continued research and development investment in Objective ECM has seen a raft of new features and capabilities introduced. How do you make these features simple to find and easy to use in a solution that is already packed with features? The answer is to deliver your team an outstanding user experience (UX) called Objective IQ.

Objective IQ – An Outstanding way to experience Objective ECM

Objective IQ is delivered via a browser, so it can be used on any device, including Macs, mobile or tablet. It is also so intuitive that it requires minimal training to get your users up and running.

Objective IQ is more than just new fonts and colours. It has been designed to improve your organisational information governance, enrich the information that your team see on a single screen and make process automation simple.

9 ways Objective IQ can benefit you and your team

At Collaborate 2021, Stuart Meyers, Customer Value Director at Objective, shared top 9 benefits that moving to Objective IQ offers to end-users and organisations that use Objective ECM.

You can watch a recording of Stuart’s presentation now. He covers how a move to Objective IQ can:

  1. Deliver Objective ECM on any device
  2. Enable governed collaboration with M365
  3. Create a direct link between Outlook and Objective ECM
  4. Deliver a personalised view of content based on individual user requirements
  5. Display everything you need to know on a single screen
  6. Provide full context by showing what has been shared via Objective Connect
  7. Simplify search, so your team can find what they need every time
  8. Identify exactly where a document is up to in an approval process
  9. Streamline process automation and task management

If you want to know more about the Objective IQ experience for Objective ECM in your organisation, please contact your account manager.