Day-to-day processes just got easier with Objective ECM 11’s Task Manager

The all new user-experience delivers everything you need to manage your mission-critical workflows and automate processes from a single screen

Whether you are approving the creation of a folder hierarchy, finalising an onboarding checklist for a new starter, or participating in a complex Ministerial process, there’s a good chance you are already using workflow within Objective ECM. Workflow automates any document-based process in an organisation where transparency and accuracy are more than just a nice-to-have.

ECM 11 delivers a generational improvement, with Task Manager. Developed to make the most of the Objective IQ user experience, Task Manager delivers everything you need to manage even the most complex workflows all in one location.

  • Access anywhere: As Task Manager has been developed utilising the latest browser-based Objective IQ user experience, it means it can be accessed any time, on any device. The responsive design means that Task Manager will function equally on your desktop and your tablet.
  • Focus on what’s important: Task Manager includes an innovative filtering system, that offers unlimited possibilities when it comes to focusing on the critical tasks that need to be completed. Simply add your criteria and then narrow the results by adding filters. Each search can be saved so than it can be used over and over again. Now you can simply switch between simple searches by due date, or run more complex searches that include task types, assignees, priorities and more. The filtering will be loved by your users automating tens or even hundreds of workflows at any one time.
  • Get the entire picture: Task Manager enables you to personalise your experience. Choose the metadata that you want to see when searching. With a click you can add, remove and sort columns such as document ID, assignee information, due dates, and priority level. If you need to see more detail, the Task ‘blade’ is just a click away, giving you complete visibility of instructions, checklists, comments and case objects. Everything you need is at your fingertips.
  • Work in bulk: If your organisation is committed to automation, the number of tasks being managed at any one time can grow quickly. Task Manager delivers the ability to rapidly select multiple tasks and take quick actions such as lock, unlock, suspend and resume. This delegate quick action is extremely useful when a team member is absent, and tasks are beginning to bottleneck.

How good is that?! Visit the Objective ECM 11 page to learn more about how your organisation can benefit from Task Manager and the other enhancements to ECM.