Keep the ball rolling on time critical projects

Delegate Workspace operations to trusted members with Workspace Manager

Manage is a new Workspace Ability that Workspace Owners can apply to any invited Participants. This new Ability is now available for Enterprise subscriptions at no additional cost.

The Manage Ability can be particularly useful in situations of user change, leave or unavailability to ensure that time critical collaboration events stay on track. The Manage action can be delegated to other Participants, decreasing overhead of the Workspace Owner. Participants assigned with the Manage ability will be able to assist Workspace Owners in the operation and oversight of Workspaces.

Participants with the Manage ability have access to:

  • Audit capabilities (Workspace Activity, Audit and Record functions)
  • Two-Step Verification controls
  • Workspace Close and Scheduled Close functions
  • Additional notifications (notifications to Owners and Managers whenever a comment is made within Workspace)
  • Task and Annotation management


  • Only Workspace Owners can assign the Manage Ability, similar to the existing Invite Ability
  • Manage and Invite Ability can be combined to provide users with all levels of Workspace and Participant management

New look and feel of the Ability Blade

With the release of Workspace Manager comes a new and improved design of the Ability Blade. The purpose of the new design is to incorporate more additional controls for each Workspace. The Abilities are segmented by categories or actions, allowing Workspace Owners to apply the Abilities to Participants more efficiently and intuitively. 

The new categories on the Ability Blade include:

Access: Preview-Only, Download

Contribute: Add Documents, Create Folders

Collaborate: Edit Documents, Edit Online, Delete

Visibility: Post Comments, Hidden Participants

Manage: Invite and Remove Participants, Manage Workspace

For more information on the Ability Blade (Window), visit the help centre.