All-New Connect for Mobile - Available Now

iOS or Android it’s your choice

The all-new Objective Connect for Mobile is available now on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. And, it is free for anyone to download.

Full Workspace Capabilities

Objective Connect for Mobile gives you all of the capabilities of workspace in the palm of your hand. View the workspaces you have created, or been invited to, and enjoy the features you have come to expect.

You can collaborate on documents, manage participants, capture comments and control tasks. You can even run a Workspace Record.

Enhanced for when you are on the road

Optimised for both phone and tablet, Connect for Mobile is designed for your team or external partner who is out in the field:

  • Instant access to workspaces: Log in to Connect using bio-metrics such as Face ID or using your thumbprint.
  • Upload from anywhere: Taking photos, video or recording audio while in the field? Upload or send directly to a workspace.
  • Encrypted offline documents: Each document you view is instantly saved as an encrypted file within the app. If you have no mobile signal and you can’t find a wi-fi signal, any document you have viewed are still accessible - anywhere, any time.

Getting Started Guide

To help you and your team get the most out of the app immediately, download the Getting Started Guide today.

Mobile Annotations Coming Soon

Over the coming weeks keep an eye out for the next update to Objective Connect for Mobile. From your mobile device, you will be able to add both public and private annotations to a document. Once you have created an annotation, it will be available on any device and in the cloud. We will make sure to let you know as soon as this feature is available.