5 reasons why you should upgrade to Trapeze Professional

...that you may not have thought about!

As the Customer Success Director for Objective Trapeze, I spend a lot of time speaking with planning and building teams at Australian councils about how they use Objective Trapeze, what they enjoy about it, and how it has helped them succeed in their work.

Our team is proud to say that Objective Trapeze has come a long way since it was first made available in Australia, and all its enhancements and new capabilities have been built based on direct feedback from our customers to shape the updates and features we continue to develop and release.

If you or your team are currently enjoying a legacy version of Objective Trapeze, now is a good time to consider upgrading to Objective Trapeze Professional. Here are our top 5 reasons for why your staff will benefit from making the upgrade.

1. Your planning & building staff will be happier

    Planning and building assessment teams are up against it! I mean, they really do go through a lot. Across Australian councils, planning and building teams are generally under-resourced in terms of personnel, with good planners currently hard to find. This means that they are under immense pressure to assess and determine applications in a timely manner. Sometimes, the legislated timeframes imposed are unrealistic, which adds to their stress.

    Objective Trapeze is one of the most important tools that your planning and building staff use each day, and therefore it’s important that they have the best possible version available. Providing them with the best available version helps them feel better about their jobs. Think about it - none of your planners want to waste time stamping plans page by page. They'd genuinely prefer to be doing something meaningful.

    Trapeze Professional has a powerful range of tools designed specifically to reduce manual tasks, such as batch stamping, automatic measurements, volume calculations and more. Objective Trapeze Pro saves your staff hours, allowing them to spend less time on repetitive, menial tasks, and more time to concentrate on important, complex decisions.

    2. Your staff can do their work much faster

      Objective Trapeze Professional is built to speed up the tasks that your planning and building teams do every single day when assessing plans. Whether it's measuring, stamping, comparing plans, or combining multiple sets of plans, Trapeze Professional is designed to speed up your team’s work, without compromising on quality or accuracy.

      Not only that, Trapeze Professional works faster than legacy versions and manual, human output at everything it does. If your teams can spend less time caught up on tasks that Objective Trapeze Pro can do, it's only natural that you'll see improvements in both quantity and quality of work output.

      When you're under pressure to get to your destination, you don’t catch the slow train. You get the fastest one available, with less stops. That’s Trapeze Professional.

      3. Your staff deserve the best possible tools to excel at their job

      Your staff take pride in their work, and they take their jobs and the role seriously. They know that their work output reflects on council, because it's a high exposure job. They're at the coalface every day, with a lot of scrutiny in the community. Why keep them on out-of-date tools that simply aren't up to the task?

      By giving your teams the best tools for the role, you're empowering and enabling them to do their job better, to the highest possible standard. Objective Trapeze Professional is purpose built for planning and building teams, carrying all of the necessary tools and features so your staff can work confidently, efficiently and accurately.

      4.  Your staff will carry less risk

        Objective Trapeze Pro has tools that have been designed to reduce risk associated with building approvals.

        Every time a customer lodges revised plans, your planning and building staff are tasked with looking for changes, to make sure that things aren't missed. On architectural plans, that's a lot of pressure, because buildings are incredibly detailed things. Even the slightest change in a dimension or the relative level of one storey can have huge impacts on unassuming members of your community who trust council to assess things properly.

        Legacy versions of Objective Trapeze don't have any of these features – meaning your teams are missing out on ways to confidently reduce risk.

        We've built it for you

          Objective Trapeze Professional has been continually developed for the last 3 years, but not just on a whim. We've been building it for councils, based on direct feedback that we receive from them, and user interviews that we run with planners.

          Every time we get a suggestion or feedback from a council customer, we create what we call a User Insight. This goes to our development team and helps to direct new features and upgrades. We're proud of being able to deliver the best possible tool for local government planning and building teams, with the help of local government planning and building teams!

          With Objective Trapeze Pro, you can be confident that you’re using a tool designed with you, and for you.

          Learn more about Objective Trapeze Professional here.