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Truly unlock the potential of all your data

No matter where your data is, you should be able to use it to drive better outcomes.

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Data can be a catalyst for innovation and insights

Deliver better outcomes by connecting, discovering and enriching your data. Transform your data into actionable information and insights.

Weave your data fabric

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Weave your data fabric

A single view of your data. No matter where it lives.

Connector framework

Make data accessible for all of your use cases. Connect all your siloed data (structured and unstructured) to gain unified visibility and control over your organisational data landscape. Innovate with no-code and low-code interfaces, making data manipulation accessible for all.

Data fabric

Deliver services to your organisation. Create a network of information that might otherwise remain hidden in isolated data silos. The data fabric acts as a conduit, allowing data to flow freely and securely between different departments, databases, and platforms, irrespective of their underlying technology. 

Flexible data processing

Control costs and ensure security. Don't let your applications decide where your data is processed. Objective 3Sixty can be deployed either on-premises or in the cloud.

AI-Driven excellence

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AI-Driven excellence

Accurate information at your fingertips. Improve data quality and make it accessible.

Improve data quality

Enhance decision-making by providing high-quality data. Reduce the noise, identify and take action on duplicate content, redundant, obsolete or trivial information. 

Enrich data

Transform data into actionable information. Augment your dataset with additional, relevant information (metadata), adding context and making it more findable and insightful.

Auto classify content

Effortlessly organise information. Automatically classify content based on business, security or records rules. Improved information management efficiency, bolstered security measures, and adherence to compliance standards.

Action and insights

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Action and insights

Empower your teams with actionable information. Promote intelligent decision-making.

User-centric search

From a single interface easily access content from disparate applications. Smart contextual filters and crisp text snippets, users can swiftly navigate through vast data estates.

Advanced topic clustering and dynamic visualisation

Empower users to derive meaningful insights. Present information in a visually compelling and organised manner to discover patterns and relationships within your data.

Protect sensitive information

Reduce your risk profile. Identify and manage sensitive information (such as PII) to ensure privacy and compliance.

Features to help manage all of your information

Discover, organise and manage your information with ease

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Pre-built connectors to discover content from all of your information sources.

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Federated Search

Search across all content silos while ensuring security and integrity.

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Intelligent Clustering

Advanced clustering makes it easy to see common content types, topics or classes across data sources.

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Generative AI

Distill vast amounts of data into concise information, including content summarisation and question-and-answer service

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Bulk Actions

Classify and tag information in bulk. Update metadata, extract entity information, identify PII, de-duplicate, remove ROT.

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Records in place

Compliance without moving or duplicating content. Manage policy, permission and disposal rules in-place.

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Data migration

Decommision legacy applications, transfer and migrate content to your repository when long-term preservation is required.

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Protect sensitive information

Identify and take action on protecting PII and sensitive data.


Discover how Objective 3Sixty can help you tame the data sprawl in your organisation.

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Tame the Content Sprawl

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Product Brief

Objective 3Sixty

Federated Information Governance. Discover, organise and manage enterprise information from multiple sources.

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Technicalities of managing records in place

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Federated information governance

Tame the data sprawl. Discover, organise and manage enterprise information, from one place.

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