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  • Experience the simplicity of Objective Keystone, with Australian Financial Services best practice already baked in, to author, approve and publish product disclosure in half the time
  • Learn how you can eliminate duplication and stakeholder fatigue with the intuitive ‘approve’ common content capability and metadata
  • Discover how you can produce compliant and verified product disclosure every single time

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Digital transformation at its best

One thing that was slowing HUB24 down was the burden of disclosure. Three years of business growth meant that the disclosure documentation had increased exponentially. They required accurate, compliant, and on-brand documentation, being needed more quickly, and with less risks and process blockers.

HUB24 joined over 30 leading Australian and New Zealand Financial Services Organisations to use Objective Keystone as their disclosure management tool. Objective Keystone helps HUB24 to mitigate risk by reducing errors occurring within their documents. This greatly speeds up the process of bringing new products and offers to market by now taking half the amount of time it used to.

Objective Keystone has been an ‘absolute game changer’ to the HUB24 business – embedding transformational processes 'that have set them up for even greater future success’.

“I wouldn’t know what I’d do without the system,” Matthew explains. “With all the efficiencies that it gives our business and risk mitigation, we’ve been able to bring new products and new offers to the market in half the amount of time that we used to.”