Efficient plan production with Objective Keystone

Writing and publishing Plans and Reports the easy way.

As NSW Local Councils start their "End of Term" reporting cycle, perhaps it's time to find a new way to manage the authoring, review and approval of regulated planning documents.

Objective Keystone is used by councils across Australia, New Zealand and the UK to bring new levels of efficiency to the planning and engagement process.

Aimed at Corporate Planners in NSW, this webinar will cover:

  • Why today's tools are hampering your productivity
  • How collaborative authoring in Keystone revolutionises the authoring and approval process
  • How meeting regulatory demands for community consultation shouldn't be a burden
  • Why your management should take notice and give you the right tools for the job

Adrian Rudman

Global Vice President, Objective Keystone 
Objective Corporation

Discover how this cloud-based collaborative authoring solution allows
multiple team members to work on the same document at the same time.