Deliver digital workflows for a distributed workforce

Achieving sustainable process governance

Deliver digital workflows for a distributed workforce

Recently, many organisations have had to quickly adapt to new ways of working in a much more distributed environment. Operational managers are focused on establishing connectivity across the workforce to enable business-as-usual. Digitising manual processes while retaining information governance has now become essential.

Discover how you can deliver better outcomes for management, staff, constituents and customers by digitising processes that improve customer service delivery and drive digital transformation initiatives.

Join us in this live webinar where you will see how to deliver digital workflows for a distributed workforce while maintaining your single source of truth - Micro Focus Content Manager (TRIM)

During this webinar

  • Learn how to automate business processes to provide a seamless flow through your organisation and beyond.
  • Discover how business users can have both the tools and trusted information at their fingertips to make decisions and progress tasks confidently.
  • Explore how to empower managers by providing complete visibility across the breadth of business processes.

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Antony Bauer

Marketing Manager - Objective Corporation

Stuart Meyers

Business Solutions Consultant - Objective Corporation