Accelerate adoption of Microsoft Teams and Content Manager

Delivering sustainable information governance

Objective has been working with Microsoft and Micro Focus to deliver a modern and collaborative workplace where team members can be confident of access to trusted information through Content Manager (TRIM) while realising the business benefits of Microsoft 365. With frictionless integration in an already familiar Windows and Content Manager environment, Objective provides a seamless transition to enhanced, sustainable information governance.

Confidently embrace Microsoft Teams with the knowledge that information and context are captured within Content Manager (TRIM), as your single source of truth. Capture both documents and the context in which they are used; the team, channel, files and conversations.

During this webinar:

  • Learn how to retain long-term knowledge while meeting record-keeping requirements
  • Discover how to leverage Content Manager and apply your governance policies to Microsoft Teams content
  • Explore how to manage the lifecycle of a Microsoft Team from Team creation to summarising the Team after finalisation

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Pratikshya Kuinkel

Product Manager - Objective Corporation

Antony Bauer

Marketing Manager - Objective Corporation