Product brief objective connect multi workgroup

Objective Connect - Enterprise Multi-Workgroup

Collaboration as a shared service


Objective Connect already ticks many of the boxes required by a CIO of a Public Sector or regulated organisation through:

  • Assured data sovereignty through local hosting on Microsoft Azure
  • Unlimited user licensing – licensing is consumption based and recyclable
  • Free (self-configured) external participant licensing
  • Certified security
  • Complete traceability of every interaction
  • Optional deep integration with the information governance model that is already built into the document management system

Support for Multiple Workgroups adds to this, by enabling CIO's to provide a single secure collaboration platform across an organisation. It provides a unified experience, minimising training requirements across an organisation, especially one that has recently merged or amalgamated.

As each workgroup has their own unique set of Administrators and Members, it provides an assurance that differing forms of collaboration are segregated from each other and provides complete control over who can participate in differing collaborative spaces.

Workgroups can easily be provisioned (and de-provisioned) as required. Similarly, IT can easily manage onboarding and off boarding of team members with the use of the ‘transfer ownership' function.