Information as the foundation of transformation

With increasing pressure to make services more citizen-centric and to enhance operational efficiencies, Thurrock, like most local authorities is undergoing a period of transformation.

The Council's Corporate Plan 2013-2016 sets out an ambitious plan to transform services to be more efficient, including ‘invest to save' projects to bring further improvements in the medium term.

The Council's Housing Service was one of the first to adopt an ‘invest to save' approach, and during 2013 embarked on a transformation programme which required the closure of area offices, streamlining of administrative support, automation of admin-intensive business processes, reduction of existing paper stores and a move towards a ‘born digital' culture to drive cost savings and improve process efficiencies and customer service.

Objective EDRMS underpins our policy to optimise the use of information within the Housing Directorate to increase customer responsiveness and facilitate new ways of working.

Barbara Brownlee

Director of Housing, Thurrock Council