Bringing efficiency to the entire building consent process of compliance

AlphaOne has streamlined Palmerston North City Council’s building consent process with an end-to-end solution

Palmerston North City Council has a population of around 90,000 and processes up to 3300 building consents per year. Before using AlphaOne, the council was paper based, which meant much of the administration work was completed manually across various departments. This delayed the process and resulted in multiple versions of documents.

AlphaOne has transformed the building consent process by enabling co-authoring, as well as the transparency to see how a project is moving forward and what stage it is sitting at. Clients and city council are able to access the information they need in real-time, submit information at any time, and enjoy the flexibility of working from anywhere. All information is captured into one point of truth, streamlining the building consent process.

We have achieved big efficiency gains in terms of compliance issuing. It used to take 10-15 days. Now it can take 5 days because that is the new norm with the benefits of AlphaOne.

Andrew Thomas

Building Officer

To learn more about how AlphaOne transforms service delivery and efficiency, builds consistency and provides transparency over the entire consenting process, contact