Added security with Two-Step Verification

Objective Connect Enterprise Edition - new feature

Same protection. Bigger reach.

Does it ever seem like things are getting faster, bigger and more complex? Every day, more users use more applications to capture more data in their quest for more insights and better processes. More 3D. More detail. More video and multimedia. To protect an even bigger range of files, formats and applications, Objective Connect will now support 2GB file uploads for any number of users and any subscription.

We know that while some consumer-grade file-sharing options may support Anti-Virus (AV) support of some kind for files of up to 25Mb, our community needed to see this extended all the way to 2GB to make collaboration with stakeholders outside your four walls as easy and secure as it is within. Once implemented, this will be available to all Workspace owners and Participants with Add Document or Edit + Delete functionality.

Secure by design.

2GB uploads and AV scanning is one piece of a much larger picture. At Objective Connect we understand that security isn’t something you claim, it’s something you prove. And that secure file sharing protection should be automatically and seamlessly integrated with your Electronic Document and Record Management System (EWDRMS) and internal information governance framework.

It’s also why we feature native Content Manager and Objective ECM integration, 2-step verification of users to protect your access controls over time and implement full AES-256, FIPS140-2 and SSL/TLS encryption in transit and at rest.

Making it happen.

As a Connect Link user, this is now just a few short steps away. Updated Objective Connect for Windows documentation is already available via Objective Help. This 2GB upgrade can be implemented remotely by our in-house Technical Consultants in around an hour. It’s a free upgrade, and nothing else changes. All that’s needed to organise remote access to your site is your contact name and number. Drop us an email and we'll be in touch shortly to make it happen.