Objective Connect now puts fully-featured document annotation capabilities in the palm of your hand.

Closer Collaboration from anywhere.

Mobile Annotations are now live for all users on all subscriptions, to:

  • Ensure faster responses and closer coordination
  • Maintain one version of the truth with instant synchronisation in the cloud
  • Provide public or private visibility on your feedback
  • Keep an audit-ready record, and save all annotations as a new document

More uses in more places.

No matter where you are, you can now review file previews including PDFs and enjoy two-way collaboration with teams wherever they may be without third-party tools. Capabilities include:

  • Clear labelling of annotated document versions
  • Toggling document annotations on and off
  • Changeable public or private settings
  • Editing, updating, rolling back or deleting annotations

To help explain how this feature can be used in your organisation, we've put together this short explainer video. 

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