Collaborate 22 - that's a wrap

Objective solutions underpinning information governance across all levels of government and regulated industries

Last week, the Objective team wrapped up a three-week Collaborate Roadshow covering seven capital cities across Australia and New Zealand. While Objective has been running the annual event for nearly 20 years, the last two years have meant a digital-only delivery. This format meant we could still share the latest innovations from a product perspective, but the delivery felt one-way. 2022 gave us the opportunity to meet up again, in person.

Educate, listen, learn and network

This year, we embarked on Collaborate with a mindset to 'educate, listen, learn and network'. We set up our events to ensure there was an exchange of ideas and insights. Not only about the software, but how organisations use Objective solutions to underpin information governance across all levels of government and regulated industries.

Customer insights

We shared how ACT Government is leveraging the full range of capabilities from Objective to automate workflow across their entire directorate. And how the Highlands and Islands Enterprise in the north of Scotland use a combination of Objective ECM and Connect to collaborate securely on a global scale to deliver a vertical launch space port in the north of Scotland.

The networking sessions at each event also offered another opportunity for the attendees and Objective to share. The collective wisdom in these rooms was inspiring. Discussion topics covered everything from the election processes to defending the nation to ensuring the smooth operation of some of our biggest councils - all with Objective software solutions playing a pivotal role in delivering information and process governance.

Content Sprawl - the struggle is real

One topic seemed to be universal - content sprawl. At each Roadshow, our product management team showcased Objective 3Sixty. A solution that connects all of an enterprise's information, no matter where it lives.

We only know what we know

When speaking with customers, a recurring sentiment was shared "we only know what we know – we know there's more information out there, but just not sure where."

This sentiment mirrors the Objective team's survey with 20 CIOs across Australia, New Zealand and the UK this year. Recently, there has been an information explosion with much of the content stored in network drives, cloud storage systems, line of business systems and email. We are essentially data rich but information poor. This ungoverned content is not only a logistical issue, but also one that presents a real and present danger if recent data breaches reported in the media can be anything to go by.

Can't wait to do it all again

While it was a welcome return home after the three-week tour, I felt inspired and energised.

A complete suite of content services

With Objective 3Sixty, Objective now can apply unprecedented information governance across the breadth of any organisation. From on-premise or SaaS-based information management to governing the entire M365 suite and external collaboration and now in-place management of every content repository, an organisation may have, Objective delivers a complete suite of content services.

If you missed out on Collaborate, please reach out to my team - we cannot wait to share this story with you.

PS - We held the Adelaide event at SkyCity. It was a perfect venue and an enthusiastic crowd. Here are some images.