COBA Annual Conference themed around Smart. Strong. Sustainable.

COBA hosted its first event since COVID at the Gold Coast Convention Centre. This year’s convention theme was Smart. Strong. Sustainable. reflecting the sector’s history of innovation, depth of resilience, and commitment to the community.

There was a buzz in the air over the 3 days with 800 attendees including delegates, exhibitors, and sponsors. Mutual Banks and Credit Unions united all over Australia and New Zealand where their Emerging Leaders had a chance to learn, network, and share knowledge back to their business.

Event Highlight

COBA hosted the conference right in the heart of the Gold Coast. It was interesting to see that it was not only about showcasing digital transformation products but also a great networking event for COBA members to come together, learn and share their knowledge.

As a supplier, we saw that COBA members are facing increasing scrutiny from regulators, and it is important that they have processes in place around digital due diligence. Although they are smaller in size than the Big 4 Banks, they simply cannot afford to get it wrong when it comes to compliance and disclosure documents.

Key Takeaways

Our subject matter experts Jo Powell Account Director for Objective Keystone and Mike Irwin Account Director for Content Solutions joined forces to present a unified message for Objective that we create software that simplifies, automates, secures, and governs information. This message resonated well speaking to Chairmen, CEOs, Directors, Executives, and Risk & Compliance Managers, who all face the same challenges with regulation and compliance. Historically Objective serves customers across Government, Banks, and Wealth Managers, however, Mutual Banks & Credit Unions are no different when it comes to being a highly regulated industry.

No matter how small or large the organisation’s Objective has a purpose-built solution for COBA, which will continue to grow as they merge with People’s Choice. Objective Keystone is one platform for disclosure management to author, edit, review, and publish underpinned by governance to generate a comprehensive audit report of every single action. Objective Connect enables highly secure file sharing to external users ensuring that it prevents cyber threats from accessing personal information. Objective Nexus guarantees the review, update, and approval of client-facing collateral through process automation and workflows to meet internal processes. Our technology mitigates the risk of errors occurring and reduces the time it takes to create, review, and share content, founded on governance and security.

We thank COBA for giving us an opportunity to participate and hosting a great event with excellent sessions, food, drinks, and a very entertaining masquerade ball. It is great to see the work that COBA is doing to bring together the community of unions.

Shout out to our lucky prize winner Maria Ilic from People's Choice taking home the brand new Nintendo Switch OLED Console.

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