Introduction to Objective Keystone for Planning

Transforming content creation and stakeholder engagement in local government

Introduction to Objective Keystone for Planning

Objective Keystone is used by local government planning departments across the world to facilitate collaborative authoring activities across planning teams and with external stakeholders. Coupled with the one-click publish capability to produce an on-brand styled document, this solution streamlines the entire author, publish lifecycle planning teams work with every day.

Join Jim Fretwell, Global Product Manager of Objective Corporation as he introduces you to the Objective Keystone for Planning Solution. In this webinar you will learn how Objective Keystone:

  • Streamlines the complete lifecycle of your planning documents from creation and review, through to adoption
  • Provide collaborative authoring and process automation to publish large council documents and plans with ease
  • Manage consultations, analyse and report results through a multi-channel, web-based consultation platform

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