Solution Snapshot

Simplifying planning schemes for the state of Victoria and all of its local councils

Objective Keystone underpinning Vicotira's Smart Planning Program


The Victorian Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) is focused on creating thriving environments and communities.

Through its Smart Planning Program, DELWP is simplifying planning schemes and improving the operation of the planning system to make it the most efficient and responsive in the country.

When processing planning scheme amendments, DELWP was challenged with maintaining approximately 65,000 pages of documents for 82 planning schemes. The overheads were excessive.

The Objective Keystone authoring solution now digitally stores all planning provisions and planning schemes in Victoria. Keystone provides a centralised single source of the truth, which is publicly accessible. Councils and other planning authorities use the system to draft amendments.





  • Digitised planning schemes
  • Improved transparency of planning rules
  • Reduced document production times
  • In-built quality and version control
  • More efficient process
  • Increased agility with a focus on governance