Solution Brief

Planning and Engagement for Local Government

Streamline the planning lifecycle

The planning process needn't be littered with bottlenecks at every step

Local councils are facing increasing challenges to efficiently author, approve and publish strategic plans in the digital formats today's communities expect. Once published, carrying out effective, meaningful community consultation is hampered by inadequate tools to receive, analyse and respond to individual pieces of community feedback - that can number up to tens of thousands in a single consultation event.

As a result, planners frequently fall into a trap of spending more time managing the process as opposed to the document content. Without the right tools, this can be frustratingly inefficient for staff; and very costly to councils. Planning teams and councils are searching for a solution that:

  • Accelerates plan creation and review,
  • Increases community involvement;
  • Encourages discussion; and
  • Ultimately allows development to flourish. 

Too often, the complexity of the process overshadows the simplicity of these objectives




Create efficiencies in the way strategic documents are created, co-authored and managed.

Centrally manage the entire document lifecycle for planning.

Streamline consultations, stakeholder submissions and analysis of engagement.

Save time and money one system for document creation, typesetting, publishing and consultation.

Increase response rates with multi-channel engagement with local communities, partners, businesses and stakeholders.

Integrate social media policy into stakeholder engagement and embed polls and surveys into popular platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn.