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Objective Connect expanding globally


Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) today announced that its secure cloud-based information sharing and process management solution, Objective Connect, is being used by public sector and security conscious organisations in 66 countries.

Tony Walls, CEO of Objective Corporation said, “Today, on every continent, customers in the public sector and the industries that they regulate, are using Objective Connect. They are implementing our Connected Case Management solutions, which enable organisations to extend their information based business processes to other organisations, irrespective of their underlying content management systems.”

“We’re witnessing exciting innovation and transparency in the way public sector organisations globally are automating their business processes to operate more efficiently and provide services that meet their business needs, delivering real community outcomes.”

Since its launch 18 months ago, Objective Connect has been rapidly adopted by the public sector and security conscious organisations enabling staff to securely exchange case files and other information-based processes with partner agencies, private organisations and clients.


Objective Connect is a breakthrough hybrid platform enabling secure information sharing and process management between government departments, agencies, private enterprise and citizens. Organisations avoid the risks commonly associated with sharing information through email, USB drives or insecure consumer cloud-based applications. Many organisations began using Objective Connect to securely exchange information and then rapidly expanded its use to other more complex business processes that characterise organisations today.

For IP Australia (IPA), changes in legislation drove the need for a secure, transparent and intuitive solution to make the patent and trademark opposition process more efficient and reduce the long delays often experienced in resolving or determining the oppositions.

All opposition matters for patents and trademarks are now conducted via Objective Connect. The transition to electronic lodgement through Objective Connect, removed the requirement of parties serving the opposition documents and evidence on the other party. Moreover, Objective Connect’s notifications and auditability have eliminated disputes that were commonly raised by the counter parties, identifying if service was completed by mandatory deadlines.

For the National Offshore Petroleum Safety and Environmental Management Authority (NOPSEMA), the ability to communicate key information with its many stakeholders globally is fundamental to its purpose. NOPSEMA chose Objective Connect due to its ease of use, global access to accommodate their international partners and stakeholders, strict government security and compliance requirements. By integrating Objective Connect with their information management system, NOPSEMA have been able to drive forward improvements in health and safety in the sector through collaboration in joint programmes and sharing information with ten other regulators globally. They comply with the relevant government legislation without any additional cost to their partners or stakeholders.

Objective Connect enabled Cumbria County Council in the United Kingdom, to transform the way they exchange secure case files and information with their regional archive offices and external parties. It enabled their staff to deal with large amounts of sensitive material quickly, while providing the authenticity, security and data sovereignty that public sector organisations require.


Deployable in minutes, simple to use and secure, Objective Connect is enabling the public sector the opportunity to be truly innovative; to drive change and transform their processes in response to increasing political and community demands.

With the growing demand globally for secure case file exchange, Objective Connect is becoming the platform of choice for connecting government and the industries that they regulate.

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Objective Corporation (ASX:OCL) is an established leader and specialist provider of content, collaboration and process management solutions for the public sector and regulated industries. Its solutions empower effectiveness, efficiency and transparency, helping organisations deliver better customer outcomes at a lower cost.