Case Study

Middlesbrough Council

Improve access of information and collaboration whilst managing information governance

To support Middlesbrough’s 2020 Vision, which identifies aims and priorities for the future of the town, the Council set out on a change programme to deliver best value outcomes for the local community, whilst operating effectively within revised financial parameters.

It was soon recognised that a lack of a corporate approach to information management was severely hindering the Councils effort to support the wholescale business transformation that was required to both improve service delivery to citizens and make significant cashable and efficiency savings across the organisation.

The Council identified a lack of information governance across the organisation and the consequent potential for fines and reputational risk.

Steve Fletcher, Head of ICT and Capital Programmes at Middlesbrough Council comments “With no central systems supporting Council needs on document and records management, information was spread and duplicated across shared and personal drives as well as personal email stores which made information difficult to find, inaccessible and often out dated.”

Middlesbrough needed to quickly implement a credible and scalable solution for their corporate information management needs, which could deliver early business benefits whilst supporting a wider corporate level rollout.

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  • Helping to achieve legal and information governance compliance
  • Facilitating greater collaboration, sharing, visibility and accessibility of Council information
  • Integrating key business systems and information repositories, leading to a high level of user adoption and support a single view of a citizen
  • Streamlining business processes by implementing automated workflows


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