Product Brief

Automated Email Capture

Capture all emails and attachments in a Microsoft Exchange folder automatically into Objective ECM without user intervention

Organisations rely on email to support decision making processes and manage daily business operations. Email has evolved from a distribution tool to a collaborative communications platform. With the rise of the mobile workforce and BYO device, staff are increasingly using tablets, smart phones and laptops to conduct business from any location.

Organisations need to capture and store corporate emails to ensure the conversations and decisions made in the collaborative environment are retained as part of its information governance. 

The increasing volume of email of corporate importance that arrives in an organisation also presents a challenge for users to take appropriate recordkeeping actions on a ‘message-by-message’ basis. Imposed mailbox size limits may force users to delete emails regularly, potentially leading to information loss.

Objective Automated Email Capture ensure all emails and attachments are saved into Objective ECM without user intervention. 




  • Email is captured from internal and/or external users automatically in Objective ECM
  • Meet governance requirements for email
  • Minimise impact of organisational change by having access to relevant email
  • Extensive Objective ECM knowledge is not required to capture emails
  • Valuable corporate emails can be captured even if mailboxes have size limitations.