Working hand in hand with Objective Support


The City of Greater Dandenong is one of our greatest customer success stories. They are an example of how combining innovative technologies, collaborative applications and quality working relationships are the key to achieving the best business outcomes.

Currently running multiple Objective solutions including Objective ECM, Objective Connect, Objective Trapeze and Objective Keystone, we sat down with James Hickmott, Network & Digital Solutions Administrator of the City of Greater Dandenong to discuss his experience working with the Objective Global Support team. 

When did the City of Greater Dandenong become an Objective Customer?
Our first go-live on Objective ECM was in 2009. Since then, our solution set has evolved as other Objective products have been implemented. At present, we are in the process of upgrading from Objective 10.1 to 10.3 so the countdown to go-live on this next version is very exciting for us. 

Describe your relationship with Objective Support?
We have always had a great working relationship with the Support team, working hand in hand to resolve issues collaboratively. We work with many vendors but I think the Objective Support team is one of the best in terms of responsiveness, the level of in depth responses we receive and the ability to have honest two-way conversations on the status of issues raised. We are always fully informed as open incidents progress. Release update emails and monthly meetings with Toby Procter (our Objective Account Manager) are useful in keeping us abreast of major releases or product changes.         

What is your advice to other customers engaging with Objective Support?
I’m a big believer in doing as much groundwork as possible so whenever an incident crops up I review log files and gather as much necessary information as I can before logging a ticket. This saves critical time and helps resolve incidents much sooner. Taking the time to build relationships is also important, so I try to attend face-to-face events such as customer user groups or the annual Collaborate conference, to meet the people on the other end of the phone and put a face to the voice.


Almira Rapisarda, Marketing Manager

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