Meet the Team! Cameron Knight


Proactively managing customer environments and establishing solutions that optimise customer systems to solve real business challenges are just some of the key drivers for Objective’s Cameron Knight.

What began as a way of monitoring the performance and reliability of customer environments, developing regular system reports and reviewing logs manually via remote access, has evolved into a comprehensive Managed Services solution that optimises Objective across the spectrum of technical performance, business optimisation and user adoption.

At the forefront of that evolution has been Cameron, who was the driving force in developing and enhancing many aspects of our Managed Services offering.

Having joined Objective in 2012, Cameron was the very first technical consultant for Objective Managed Services. In his role as Senior Managed Services Consultant, Cameron was instrumental in recognising a gap in our customer support areas and developing new frameworks to meet those requirements.

Under Cameron’s leadership, the current proactive monitoring grew from a solution our Objective Connect dev ops team created, where elastic search was used to proactively monitor the health of systems. Cameron was instrumental in working with customers to adopt this solution to be a viable Managed Services offering.

“Working with customers to understand their business challenges and coming up with solutions that increase business productivity and efficiency has provided me with an intense learning environment, because it’s not always a one size fits all approach. I’ve really enjoyed seeing our Managed Services evolve over the years and I’m excited about new projects we are developing that will continue to help customers better optimise and manage the performance of their systems.”

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Almira Rapisarda, Marketing Manager

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