Deliver business improvement by digitising manual content driven processes

Provide service excellence by empowering your staff through content

Optimise local government processes through digitisation

Increase efficiency, improve quality and transparency of local council processes - from development applications to service request forms and HR on-boarding; digitally transform the management of tasks, approvals and responses.

Best-practice - leverage 30 years industry experience by adopting preconfigured, robust best-practice applications.

Process transparency and auditability

Deploy business improvement initiatives across the business and in the field with confidence - knowing that each stage and process task is tracked for reporting and auditability through a series of comprehensive dashboards.

Use these insights - to promote your business improvements to executive engagement, pinpoint potential bottlenecks, benchmark individual workflows and promote pro-active change programs.

Develop your own workflow automation initiatives with ease

Empower business managers to be self-reliant - by enabling them to create and optimise business improvement process quickly with the use of a drop and drag technology that requires minimal training.

Powerful workflow tools - allow your teams to manage the most complex processes including external collaboration and multiple approvals.

Deliver tangible benefits across the organisation through business improvement

Drive initiatives with confidence

Automate manual tasks

Automate manual tasks

Significantly reduce the number of hours spent manually processing tasks.

Reduce approval time

Reduce approval time

Reduce the process approval time from weeks to days and in some cases hours.

Increase visibility

Increase visibility

Increase business process visibility to ensure they meet response times.

Empower innovation

Empower innovation

Empower managers and staff to innovate while ensuring governance is always respected.

Improve any project, any process

Enhance and streamline the intersection of people, content and processes for just about any use case.

Asset Management

Digitally transform Asset Management to improve accuracy and streamline resource allocation, tracking and audibility.

Human Resources

Streamline the on-boarding process to ensure accuracy and ensure staff off-boarding is smooth and meets council deadlines.

Planning & Building Consent

Increase accuracy, decrease overheads and turnaround the DA Planning Application process by digitalising the submission, assessment and approval stages.

Online customer services

Optimise customer service by digitising the back-end processes of your online service forms.

Council MergersCouncil Mergers / Shared Services

Transition with confidence by enabling business processes to remain unaffected and information securely shared between organisations.

Correspondence Management

Reduce the turnaround time, increase quality and ensure governance by digitising the capture, processing and approval stages of council correspondence.

Resources to help you on your journey to Digital Transformation

ANZ Digital Maturity Report

This survey report features the key challenges councils face with digital reform but also reveals the true opportunity and value of a citizen-centric digital local government.

An AIIM Industry Paper

Good governance and the alignment of policies, people, processes and platforms enables an innovative government to deliver the services expected by citizens and customers.

3 Steps to Service Excellence - Reform | Transform | Perform

Read how top-performing councils are transforming service delivery with good information governance.

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Why work with Objective?

Our products support local government business processes and are used by more than 250 local government organisations worldwide.

Our extensive local government project experience means all of our consultants have a thorough understanding of local council processes.

Our technology integrates with key applications used by councils and semi-proprietary systems. We have experience integrating with ERP and Financial systems, GIS and LIS systems, Human Resources and Payroll systems.

We're committed to local government. We will continue to develop, evolve and deliver solutions to the public sector and regulated industries.

Migration from legacy ECM or Document Management Systems is easy. We have experience assisting customers migrate from: Technology One ECM, Lotus Notes and Domino.doc, OpenText eDocs, Dataworks, HP TRIM and many more.