Electronic Document and Records Management

A foundation for digital transformation

Digitise records to deliver transformational initiatives

Effortless information management - streamline the capture, management and access to information, making it effortless for users and the business.

Improve and comply - drive content driven projects that improve internal operational efficiency and external service delivery while ensuring governance and compliance to industry and recordkeeping standards.

Extend capability through integration

Work within your business systems - make working with your line of business systems such as LIS, Asset Systems, CMS, ERP and MS Office 365 more natural by integrating your content directly within the application.

Governance respected - extend your information to other systems or webpages via a set of APIs and Web Services that ensure governance policies are always respected.

Increase EDRMS adoption by engaging users

Delight users with a natural experience - when engaging with their daily content driven activities. Empower people to work confidently, knowing that information governance is simply managed in the background.

Access content wherever it’s required - via a modern web interface that requires minimal training and support for new staff but powerful enough for the most experienced users.

Transforming content creation in Local Government

Increase efficiency and transparency across the organisation

Integration into LIS

Integration into LISLoB systems

Integrate with your Land Information System Line of Business systems to save hundreds of thousands of dollars pounds per annum.

Single Source of the Truth

Single source of the truth

Increase confidence and avoid version confusion by providing a single information source of the truth.

Accountability and Transparency

Accountability and Transparency

Make content easy to find while ensuring governance and accountability are always respected.

Improve Responsiveness

Improve Responsiveness

Improve responsiveness by increasing access to customer information.

Resources to help you on your journey to Digital Transformation

ANZ Digital Maturity Report

This survey report features the key challenges councils face with digital reform but also reveals the true opportunity and value of a citizen-centric digital local government.

An AIIM Industry Paper

Good governance and the alignment of policies, people, processes and platforms enables an innovative government to deliver the services expected by citizens and customers.

3 Steps to Service Excellence - Reform | Transform | Perform

Read how top-performing councils are transforming service delivery with good information governance.

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Why work with Objective?

Our products support local government business processes and are used by more than 250 local government organisations worldwide.

Our extensive local government project experience means all of our consultants have a thorough understanding of local council processes.

Our technology integrates with key applications used by councils and semi-proprietary systems. We have experience integrating with ERP and Financial systems, GIS and LIS systems, Human Resources and Payroll systems.

We're committed to local government. We will continue to develop, evolve and deliver solutions to the public sector and regulated industries.

Migration from legacy ECM or Document Management Systems is easy. We have experience assisting customers migrate from: Technology One ECM, Lotus Notes and Domino.doc, OpenText eDocs, Dataworks, HP TRIM and many more.