Author, review and publish large council documents and plans with ease

Document centric collaboration, creation and multiple channel publication

Take control of document authoring

Cloud-based authoring and publishing - effectively manage the creation of all complex documents across the organisation, publish in a range of on and off-line formats.

Designed specifically for Councils - build cohesive, consistently structured and branded policy and strategy documents.

Any document type - from Annual Reports to Planning Reports, Budget Books to Committee Papers.

Expedite document production, ensure consistency

Reduce the publication cycle - with simultaneous authoring, with shared templates, content and workflows.

Maintain consistency – apply corporate branding through templates, ensure consistent wording with reusable, standardised content.

Publish multiple outputs – output instantly to web, PDF and print.

Transforming content creation in Local Government

Delivering efficiencies in document production for more than 160 Councils

7000 Active Users

7000 Active Users

Join a growing global community of users using Keystone help deliver better Planning processes.

60% reduced cost of document production

60% reduced cost

Customers report an average of 60% cost savings for document production.

33% reduced time for document creation

33% reduced time

Customers have reduced document creation time by 33% - from concept to publication.

6000 documents created annually

6000 documents created annually

Objective Keystone caters for all your document creation and publishing needs no matter how big or small.

Accelerate document production time with Objective Keystone

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Thousands of new pages of content are written by public servants using Objective Collaborative Authoring every year.

The solution provides government organisations with an easy-to-use, collaborative solution to create and publish complex, professionally branded documents and content-rich microsites at the touch of a button.

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A best-practice framework

Balancing the competing imperatives of collaboration, governance and cost.

Focus on content quality

Empower subject matter experts to direct their effort and expertise into the quality of the content, rather than document formatting.

Quality assurance

Approve content once, with the assurance that it can't be altered during production without consent.

Review and collate with confidence

Change history, version management and approvals are all tracked enhancing the accuracy of documents and reducing re-work.

Why work with Objective?

Our products support local government business processes and are used by more than 250 local government organisations worldwide.

Our extensive local government project experience means all of our consultants have a thorough understanding of local council processes.

Our technology integrates with key applications used by councils and semi-proprietary systems. We have experience integrating with ERP and Financial systems, GIS and LIS systems, Human Resources and Payroll systems.

We're committed to local government. We will continue to develop, evolve and deliver solutions to the public sector and regulated industries.

Migration from legacy ECM or Document Management Systems is easy. We have experience assisting customers migrate from: Technology One ECM, Lotus Notes and Domino.doc, OpenText eDocs, Dataworks, HP TRIM and many more.