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Solutions for a more effective and efficient Central Government

Lead public sector reform by transforming into a digital workplace


Maintain compliance across all your information assets by delivering strong governance across your organisation.

Increase efficiency

Empower staff to be more efficient with secure, instant access to information, wherever and whenever it's required, from a digital platform of choice.

Digitise key processes

Digitally engineer your busniess processes so you can focus on providing service delivery platforms that position the agency as modern and innovative.

Automate your processes

Automate your processes so you can focus on providing service deliver platforms that position the agency as modern and innovative.

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Case Study

Scottish Government

Transform Service Delivery as a Digital Government

Cross agency collaboration

Drive more efficient cross agency outcomes by securely sharing documents and other files, capturing conversations and allocating tasks.

Remove boundaries

Work more effectively with individuals across multiple agencies to partner outcomes, by removing technical and information governance boundaries.

Maintain Control

Maintain control of your information be having visibility of who is sharing what with whom.

Engage stakeholders

Allow end users to share information esily and securely with their stakeholders.

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Product Capability Overview

Objective Connect

Process Automation

Digitise key processes

Digitally engineer your business processes so you can focus on providing service delivery platforms that position the agency as modern and innovative.

Eliminate non value-add work

Optimise the management of business processes and eliminate non value-add work so you can focus on innovation and better service outcomes.

Increase operational efficiency

Focus on results by streamlining the flow of information that empowers business users to focus on results not process.

Drive innovation

Create a culture of innovation which centres around achieving better outcomes for all business users within the organisation.

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Case Study

Thurrock Council

Capability Overview

Objective Workflow

Create meaningful relationships with your stakeholders and citizens

Make it easy for citizens to engage

Encourage community engagement by offering your stakeholders and citizens an easy, digital way to contribute their thoughts, ideas and feedback.

A digital channel for your community to contribute

Conduct surveys, polls, discussion boards and forums and manage it all from one central platform that gives you visibility of all engagement activity.

Ongoing improvement

Learn from your stakeholders and provide a feedback loop on staff and citizen satisfaction linked to your Key Performance Indicators.

Social media engagement

Integrate your social media strategy and content within an engagement platform so that people can conduct surveys through social media channels such as Facebook.

A proven, trusted platform

Join the UK’s largest dedicated public sector cloud of consultation and engagement activities with over 500,000 citizens engaging with the platform.

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Author, review & publish large Planning and Policy documents with ease

Expedite document production

From Annual Reports to Planning Reports, Budget Books to Committee Papers - reduce the publication cycle with simultaneous authoring.

Focus on the quality of the content

Empower subject matter experts to direct their effort and expertise into the quality of the content, rather than document formatting.

Reduce the cost of quality assurance

Approve content once, with the assurance that it can't be altered during production without consent.

Review and collate with confidence and accuracy

Change history, version management and approval trails are all tracked enhancing the accuracy of documents and reducing re-work.

Brand consistency across all media

Apply corporate branding through templates. Output instantly to web, PDF and print.

Powered by Objective Keystone

A cloud solution for collaborative authoring, review and publication.

Learn more about Objective Keystone.

Digitally transform your business and drive innovation

Confidently embrace digital transformation and deliver innovative operations that decrease costs, drive better policies and deliver better citizen outcomes.

Create a digital foundation through information and process governance platforms that drive efficiency across the government ecosystem.

Eliminate boundaries that impede superior service delivery. Effectively partner with all your key stakeholders to achieve a more efficient government.

Information access

Enhance citizen relationships by enabling access to information and services as one connected government.

Centralise government responses

Streamline the interaction with citizens across government agencies to rapidly and confidently respond to correspondence.

Cross agency collaboration

Securely collaborate with other agencies to co-develop policy and deliver service excellence.

digital transformation
streamline business processes

Reduce costs and overheads by streamlining operations

Eliminate non value-add work from your business so you can focus on providing service delivery platforms that position the agency as modern and innovative.

From HR on-boarding, invoice processing to streamlining executive correspondence; automating agency processes delivers tangible efficiency gains and a foundation for digital transformation.

When experience counts

Our extensive experience in government will help you identify the right opportunities to achieve efficiency and productivity improvements.

People who get it

Your outcomes matter; our people get that. Leverage our expertise in best-practice business analysis, system design and implementation methodologies - for faster results, first time, every time.

Technology you can rely on

Proven software automates processes that provide enhanced visibility and transparency across the agency to deliver quality outcomes.

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Embrace innovation. Respect information governance.

Technology for an information driven government.

Need to apply information governance to Office 365?

Transform productivity by enabling users to manage their content alongside it's valuable context in a single digital workspace.

Discover how without compromising your information management policy and practices.

Office 365 Governance ›
Does enterprise content belong in the cloud?

There are many benefits to moving your content to the cloud, but equally it can introduce risk to the organisation.

Discover the impact on information management and find a cloud model that's appropriate for your content.

ECM in the Cloud ›
Need to work with external parties?

Providing external access to enterprise content is often required to be productive.

Can you do it securely whist applying your information management rules and policies.

Discover how with Objective ConnectLink ›

Governance solutions for information, processes and collaborative workspaces.

Robust governance across all information


Streamline content-driven processes


Leverage information and processes across your enterprise.


Extend your information governance to the cloud


Redaction software for security conscious organisations


Digitally transform plan approval collaboration


Author, verify and publish on-brand content, with ease


Why work with Objective?

Trusted by Government, globally

Governments trust because we understand the unique complexities and challenges they face. Our customers are global, but the outcomes we deliver are tailored to meet local requirements.

Proven, scalable solutions

Objective technology is used by some of the largest and most security conscious organisations in the world including the Australian Department of Defence and the whole of the Scottish Government.

Proven, repeatable methodologies

Our implementation methodologies are built on deep industry knowledge and long term experience in delivering public sector solutions.

If you dream it, we've usually done it

We offer deep domain knowledge and extensive experience in delivering solutions to government. We also bring a genuine desire to achieve the best outcomes for our customers.

Professional Services

Business analysis & system design, implementation & project management.

Information Governance › Process Governance › Implementation ›

Managed Services

Outsource the management and administration of your solution to our expert consultants, so you can focus on your core business.

Managed Services ›


Full range of training options to equip your staff and maximise user adoption.

Education ›


Customers have direct access to technical and solution support, sales, professional services and management.

Technical Support ›

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