Welcome to the dark side (in a good way)!

Objective Trapeze Professional comes with a sleek, dark, and streamlined new interface that's designed to be smarter, more intuitive and simply powerful.

Your desktop just got bigger.

The new layout means that you can efficiently organise your workspace and get all the real estate you need to focus on your plans. No more clutter. Less distractions.

Work faster. Work smarter. With the right tool, at the right time.

Easier access to tools and streamlined navigation help you get things done faster. Oh, and we've made the tools smarter too.


Easily compare documents

Quickly compare two versions of a document.

Rather than tediously comparing a document and its revision page by page to identify changes, Document Compare does it all for you. It automatically detects changes and highlights the amended pages.

And catch any sneaky changes.

We've all reviewed revisions to find that a balcony had been extended or a building had been given a completely different footprint than what was shown in previous plans. With Page Compare, easily compare two versions of a plan stacked on top of each other using transition or fading techniques to reveal the changes. Never miss a sneaky change again.


Yes, yes... we know you still print

Print the way you need to, with full control. Fast.

We've simplified the printing experience so that you can print faster from Objective Trapeze and easily adjust your preferences - such as page sizing/handling, orientation and paper format - if you need to.


More features that planners will love

  • New Offset Line Annotation tool
  • Enhanced integration with Objective ECM
  • Ultra-high resolution (high DPI) display support
  • Microsoft® Surface Dial support
  • Up to 2x faster start-up, file opening and saving times
  • User experience enhancements




Complex measurements
made simple.

Embrace odd-shaped measurements. Not kidding. Draw smart Shapes then add and subtract areas to calculate site coverage or floor space ratio, no matter how complex.

Keep track of it all.

Layers capture all of your measurements.
No more post-it notes.
Easier to manage, easier to edit later.


Communicate visually with
powerful mark-ups tools.

Easily turn Shapes into Annotations, tweak colours, add borders, edit, move, and rotate the way you need, in just a few clicks.


Work faster. Work smarter.