One platform, many processes

Find a solution, or your team will

CIOs and IT Managers know they need to respond to the team’s growing need to collaborate. If the IT Department doesn’t find a solution, the team will.

A standard, approved and shared service

External collaboration needs to be viewed as any other solution used by the IT Department. A single, standard service deployed across the organisation.

Meeting the needs of every department

External collaboration comes in many, unstructured forms - flexible enough to meet the needs of every department, whilst providing oversight for IT to monitor usage and cross-charge appropriately.

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If you are working with external parties in your department, chances are you are not alone.

Across your entire council, each department needs to collaborate beyond the firewall. Download this FREE eBook and share it with your colleagues.

Show your CIO or the teams in Planning, Legal, HR, Procurement and Corporate how they too can collaborate beyond the firewall.

Meeting the collaboration needs of every department

“I am still distributing council papers via courier.”

Legal and Governance

Enable digital distribution of council papers in seconds with Objective Connect.

“The mix of paper, DVDs and USB sticks is slowing down our approval process.”

Planning + Building Consent

Move the assessment process online for building approvals with Objective Connect.

“I missed out on a star recruit as I sent the contract via snail mail.”


Same-day onboarding of all new hires with Objective Connect.

“My inbox has run out of space. It’s the only solution I have to manage third party providers.”


Provide a single, secure, online workspace for every third-party service provider with Objective Connect.

“The last time I distributed an update to the BCP was over a year ago.”

Corporate Services

Business continuity plans that are always up-to-date and available with Objective Connect.

Wyndham City Council increased its planning approvals from 300 to 1,000 each month

Wyndham Council

The onset of rate capping in Victorian local government has driven a need for the team at Wyndham City to be as efficient and effective in everything they do.

By moving planning approvals online with Objective Connect, Wyndham have gone from processing 300 to 1,000 applications a month.

A collaborative and mobile approach to local government

What is Objective Connect?

Objective Connect is a secure external collaboration platform designed specifically for the Public Sector and regulated industries. With seamless integration with your existing document management system, Connect ensures information governance is maintained, even when working with external parties.

Why use Objective Connect?

The need for local government to collaborate beyond the firewall is being driven by real business needs; from working with other councils, the use of outsourced service providers, mobile field workers, to digital engagement with citizens.

Who uses Objective Connect?

Planning, Legal, HR, Procurement, Corporate - each team has their own unique needs when it comes to secure collaboration with the outside world. The challenge is to find a single collaboration solution that meets all those needs.

Extend the value of your existing Document Management System

Seamless integration

Objective Connect integrates with HPE Content Manager, Records Manager and TRIM, Microsoft SharePoint and Objective ECM.

Single source of truth

Ensure a single source of truth by synchronising every document, new versions and audit trails between Objective Connect and your Document Management System.

Right-click, collaborate

Simply right-click from within your Document Management System to share a document or a folder of documents, creating a secure, private workspace to collaborate with external parties.

See Objective Connect in Action

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