People are demanding greater transparency, accountability and participation in decision making. But after years of legislation and thousands of words written about the benefits of openness, organisations still find it challenging to put these principles into practice.

What does it take to build a culture of openness?

Our panel of experts:

  • Amelia Loye, Founder and Managing Director, engage2
  • Ben Fairless, OpenAustralia Foundation
  • Sonya Sherman, Director Industry Solutions, Objective Corporation
  • Antony Bauer, Product Marketing Manager, Objective Corporation

Key topics discussed included:

  • What has changed: the relationship between digital government and open government; how digital is driving public expectations for transparency and data rights.
  • What hasn't changed: are agencies still struggling to put principles into practice? Why isn’t openness already part of business-as-usual?
  • Taking a human-centred approach: understanding the people involved in openness, as the key to change, interviews with agencies and councils; citizen perspectives through Right To Know.
  • What's going to change: results from the Culture & Capability Survey and how agencies and councils can get involved in the research project.


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