See exactly what is happening across the entire collaboration event

Designed for the public sector, the Workspace Record is:

  • A report that a Workspace Owner or Administrator can produce at any time.
  • Already formatted and courtroom-ready – no csv file, pivot tables or data analysis required.
  • Broken down into sections and provides a timeline of all events within a Workspace.
About Objective

Objective creates information and process governance solutions that are effortless to use and enable organisations to confidently advance their own digital transformation.

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Solutions for regulated industries

Designed for regulated industries, these solutions turn the imperative of compliance, accountability and governance into an opportunity to streamline business processes and deliver the innovative services that customers expect.

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Software for the modern workplace

With a heritage in enterprise content management (ECM), Objective's solutions extend governance across the spectrum of the modern workplace; underpinning information, processes and collaborative work-spaces.

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